Due to its glassy luster Fluorite is highly coveted. Fluorite is the natural crystalline form of calcium fluoride and often forms beautiful cube-shaped crystals. It is a transparent to translucent mineral. When pure, Fluorite is colorless; however, it usually contains impurities that color it. The most common colors are violet, blue, green, yellow, brown, pink and bluish black. Arguably, the most popular color for Fluorite is a deep purple that can rival Amethyst in its finest examples. Indeed Fluorite/Amethyst comparisons are often used to show that color cannot be relied upon as a gemstone identification test. An eye catching phenomenon of Fluorite is its distinctive multicolor banding. Chunky Fluorite bead strands optimize this exceptional effect. Interestingly, the “blue john” variety mined in England that possesses curved bands of blue purple, violet, yellow and white has been used as an ornamental gem since Roman times. Color Change Fluorite is mined in Bihar, India and shows a dramatic change from green to purple. Color change gems are those that distinctly change their color when viewed under two different light sources.


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