Green Tourmaline

Green tourmalines can be cut in all kinds of different ways. However, the cutting of a tourmaline does require special care, since the colour intensity of most green tourmalines is variously developed depending on the direction of growth. For this reason, dark stones have to be cut in such a way that the table is parallel to the main axis. With light stones, on the other hand, the table surface should be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, in order to receive more depth of colour. When aligning the cut, the cutter must pay great attention to these facts, otherwise the cut gemstone will end up too light or too dark. And that would be a pity, for the green spectrum of the tourmaline has something fascinating about it, and not only in the eye of the connoisseur. The colours it contains are extremely pleasant to the eye and harmonious. The green tourmaline is like life itself, with all its facets of individual vivacity.

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